Pharell Williams’ “Happy” Unveils Truth About Islam [videos]

In the U.K., a British Muslim grassroots movement, The Honesty Policy, tried to downplay “negative stereotypes” about Islamists living in the U.K. In 2014, the group released a four-minute video, Happy British Muslims. Since then its received over 2 million views.

In the video, young and old, men and women (some wearing headscarves, others without) are smiling, laughing, dancing, and singing to American singer, songwriter, and producer, Pharell Williams’, hit song, “Happy.” The dancing Muslims are Arab, Asian, Persian, Turkish, and possibly British, of varying skin colors and ethnicity, to reflect Islam’s “multicultural” nature.

Interestingly, Islamists called the video for what it was: not honest at all. And you won’t believe what happened to young Iranians who posted a video on YouTube of themselves dancing to the same song.

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