Absolutely Must Watch: Flow Chart of Islamic Invasion of Europe

While the mainstream media may falsely describe the influx of migrants into Europe as “refugees,” understanding Islamic ideology helps clarify that these migrants are participating in Hijra.

Hijra is the “most important method of spreading Islam.” Solomon and Al Maqdisi’s preeminent work, Modern Day Trojan Horse, explains the principle of migration as jihad, within the context of Islamic laws and traditions.

Hijra is symbolic because it represents the beginning of the Islamic calendar, which began in 622 AD when Muhammad fled Mecca to Medina.

But more than anything else, Hijra is a massive political movement.

Its primary goal is to “view the immigration of Muslims to the West is to be regarded as the most important step on the ladder for achieving the establishment of an Islamic state in the West. This is the primary objective of Islamic mission in the West.” 

This is why there are so many “refugees” coming into Europe and America at the same time. It is neither a coincidence nor an accident.

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