#MicrosoftRubioFraud Goes Viral

Anonymous image boards like (8ch.net) and some news outlets are reporting discrepancies and potential voter fraud or mischief that render the Iowa Caucus outcome as, at best, inaccurate.

A Twitter campaign #MicrosoftRubioFraud began after what appeared to be a skewed voter outcome– which did not reflect, even closely, the combined results of all of the polls conducted on February 1st, with Trump receiving nearly 40 percent of the vote (not 25), Cruz receiving 15 percent (not 27.7), and Rubio receiving 10 percent (not 24). Additionally, Sanders’ campaign is reporting that tallies from 90 precincts are missing.

The fact that Microsoft controlled the vote tally is not a coincidence in light of its political agenda to bring in more foreign visa workers and give amnesty to illegal immigrants, the majority of whom are coming from Islamic countries. And its financial contribution to Rubio has influenced, if not controlled, his political agenda as well.

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