Must Watch Video: Millennials Clueless of Bill & Hillary Clinton Scandals

The Los Angeles Times recently reported on young people’s ignorance about politics and both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s countless scandals. It writes: “These voters know less than you think about Hillary Clinton.”

When asked about Whitewater (Arkansas real estate cover up) the group was silent.

One person finally asked: “Is that a new type of vodka?”

Many have compiled lists of scandals. One of the best is a list Jeff Dunetz, publisher, The Lid (, compiled of more than 100 well-documented scandals of Hillary Clinton: 2015: A year of 111 scandals, lies, and or flip-flops.

Red Alert Politics also published a list: A millennial’s guide to Bill Clinton’s 20+ sex scandals. It reports:

“Bill’s sexual encounters stretched back throughout his entire political career — which predates the first millennial being born and included cases of sexual misconduct, harassment, assault, and even an accusation of rape.” has produced a documentary, “Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal,” which is a must watch.

Read More and watch video.