Decoding Obama’s Terrorism Speech

The following is the translated version of Obama’s December 6, 2015 televised address about terrorism to clarify what Obama meant by what he did and did not say.

Because I offer no real examples of how I have “confronted terrorism each and every morning in my intelligence briefing,” (when I’m not playing golf), I will generalize about how America has “begun to establish a process and timeline to pursue cease-fires and a political resolution to the Syrian war,” which I helped start.

What I really want to discuss is gun control. I know the strictest gun control laws in the country didn’t prevent the shootings in California, which is why America needs even more gun laws to violate the Second Amendment.

Ignore recent Harvard University and news reports about increased gun violence under my watch. Granted, gun ownership increased while “gun homicide” decreased over the same 20-year period. Just because nearly every mass shooting has occurred in a gun free zone, doesn’t mean that gun free zones don’t work.


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