Watch Saudi Singer Expose Islam for what it is: 1400 years of Violence

On Egyptian live Dream TV, Saudi singer Shams Bandar exclaimed:

“Let’s not deceive ourselves. Why tell ourselves lies?

“Why do we pin all our problems on the West? For 1,400 years we have been slaughtering one another. America wasn’t around 1400 years ago. It wasn’t around even 300 years ago.

“Why are we lying? Why aren’t we telling the truth?

“Show me where it says in their Constitutions [British and American] that you can chop people’s hands off, stone people, execute them in the streets …

“Do you see this in the American Constitution and law any of the things perpetrated by our Muslims? Can we say they do these things in the West too? Why would they, when their constitutions are about respect for humanity?”

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