“Very pro-life” Trump: Abortion isn’t Murder

It may be hard to keep track of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s position on abortion – or even understand his logic, because it changes depending on the audience, interview, or year.

Despite his 1999 “very pro-choice” stance, 2015 is a new year. A cursory overview of his 2015 statements thus far, whether he realizes it or not, clarifies Trump’s fundamental belief about abortion.

My summary for LiveActionNews.org reveals that Trump’s pro-life view includes the notion that abortion isn’t murder of a human baby– or that it is legally permissible murder– if performed when the life of the mother is at risk, or in response to pregnancy conceived through incest and/or rape.

His rationale creates legal loopholes and even murkier water, especially if incest and/or rape do not conclusively lead to personhood. Trump still has not clarified if he believes personhood begins at conception.

Yet, still, Trump is “very pro-life.”

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