“Tolerating” Parents Who Kill Their Daughters

Ex-Muslim Sabatina James write in her latest book, Only the Truth Sets Us Free, what few are willing to discuss: Islam and Sharia law institutionalize violence against women. James tells her own story of how she escaped death– at the hands of her parents for refusing to submit to their arranged marriage between she and her Pakistani cousin.

She argues that westerners who hide behind the guise of “false tolerance” only belittle women and condone extensive human rights abuses committed against women and girls by Shari’a law.

“Sharia is now finally with us, and the victims are primarily women. A parallel justice system is being practiced, one which maintains the mantra: either women submit to systematic violence, or they will be liquidated.

“In the midst of Europe we’re talking about thousands of women living under a death sentence. Even within my family.”

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