Meet the 46 U.S. Senators Guilty of Treason

UN-riot-policeU.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s announcement to initiate a “global police force” should come as no surprise. Both Barack Obama and John Kerry, who reject the Second Amendment, sought to push through a United Nations Arms Treaty through the U.S. Senate. The Treaty, which overwhelmingly was approved by the U.N. General Assembly, seeks to regulate the international trade of firearms. It also seeks to:

  • Create a national gun registry;
  • Mandate control of firearms and ammunition;
  • Regulate the manufacture of gun parts;
  • Limit stores’ ability to sell firearms.

The United Nations is not an American ally. It is an international regulatory body not recognized under Constitutional law to have any legal authority over American citizens. By voting to destroy constitutional rights, and by “providing comfort” to alleged enemies and also members of the U.N., 44 Democrats and two Independents should be tried for treason.

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