NYC Tax Dollars at Work: Apps for Free Condoms, Bi-Sexual Birth Control, and more

nyc health phone appDid you know New York City taxpayers can use a smartphone app created by the NYC Department of Health to locate within walking distance access to unlimited free condoms? It states: “the 5 nearest venues that distribute FREE NYC Condoms! With more than 3,000 locations throughout all 5 boroughs, no matter where you are, you’ll always be protected.”

Another app, provides information about sexual health services for teens. Minors under 18 years old “don’t need a parents’ consent to use these clinics.” It’s stated policy is: 

“teens in NY State have the right to sexual health services privately – without getting permission from parents, girlfriends/boyfriends or anyone else.” 

The apps provide easy access for teens to locate free and confidential contraceptive, abortion, counseling, and pharmaceutical services without the involvement of their parents’ knowledge or consent.

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