Parents Protest: Patrick isn’t Patricia, Paulina isn’t Paul

maxresdefaultThis fall, Fairfax County School District began teaching a new Family Life Education (FLE) curriculum to 7th-12th grade students, which emphasizes that boys are not boys and girls are not girls.

School District documents state that gender is not determined by biology or anatomy but by a child’s choice. What remains unclear is whether or not protections have been put in place to protect minors from sexual assault, abuse, violence, or to prevent the emotional and mental angst resulting from bullying by teachers and peers for the tweens and/or teenagers who choose not to comply with the Board’s policies.

If everyone is the same, and boys aren’t boys and girls aren’t girls, why is there a need to teach anything about gender and sexuality?

Parents and the public overwhelmingly protested, so why is the Board ignoring their opposition?

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