Back to School, Common Core now Teaching 10 Year Olds “Normal” Sexual Feelings












From anal sex being taught to fifth-graders, to explaining masturbation as “normal,” minors are being taught in public schools that a range of sexual practices are normal and should be encouraged.


A book endorsed by Planned Parenthood, It’s Perfectly Normal, is causing outrage among parents, who label it as pornographic indoctrination of children as young as ten years old. Parents across the nation have complained and protested in response to the book being on a Fourth Grade reading list, without their knowledge or approval.

Courtesy of the American Life League Report, Michael Hichborn notes, the very “the obscene and sexually explicit material” being propagated to ten year olds was ruled inappropriate for prison inmates by a Washington State court. If the book’s contents violate state statues and prisoners are prohibited from reading it Hichborn asks, “Why is this book being given to ten year olds?”

Warning: the images and content of the video are graphic– but it is being taught to fifth graders.