Public Schools Teach She-males, Sexual fluidity, no “boys” or “girls”

In Fairfax County Virginia parents and residents are outraged by a school board that ignored their voiced opposition to newly implemented public school “gender neutral” policies. Last last week the Fairfax County school board voted to allow she-males (registered students who are boys who identify as girls) to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms.
The U.S. Departments of Education and Justice are implementing gender identity curriculum to be used in public schools. Starting next fall, 7th-12th graders will learn: boys are not boys and girls are not girls. Gender identity encompasses a “broader spectrum that occurs over a lifetime;” sexual fluidity results in everyone being transgender.
Tweens and teenagers will be taught that gender is not solely determined by biology or anatomy but largely by their own choice, and it can change over their lifetime.images-2
What remains unclear is whether or not protections will be put in place to protect minors from sexual assault, abuse, violence, or perverted experimenting on school property. Nor does there appear to be any consideration for heterosexual tweens and teens, who choose not to comply with the new policies and as a result will likely be bullied by teachers and peers and suffer emotional, mental, and social angst.
Unelected and taxpayer funded public school bureaucrats will deem children intolerant and bigoted for affirming the biological reality that they are a girl or a boy.