Waging War on Women Using Evasion Tactics as Landmines

Ongoing reproductive rights discussions ignore the leading cause of death among pregnant women, and circumvent the more serious reality that cultural and legal norms perpetuate sexism, violence, and dehumanization of women.

  • Homicide committed by boyfriends and husbands is the leading cause of death among pregnant women.
  • More than half of all abortions are coerced.
  • Fathers are attempting and succeeding at killing their unborn child.
  • Pregnant minors aren’t being protected. Little girls (as young as eleven) who have had abortions at Planned Parenthood facilities have been endangered by its employees who chose not to notify law enforcement about the girls’ sexual abuse or rape. Instead, the children were given birth control and released to their predators.

Yet, women are very much involved in the lucrative business of dehumanization, known as the “reproductive tourism enterprise,” which is part of the unregulated $4 billion fertility (“assisted reproduction”) industry. An entire medical and scientific community is manufacturing children for profit, dehumanizing human rights in the process.

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