Islamic Radicalization of the Tsarnaev Brothers

As the federal and local investigation unfolds, evidence suggests that the Boston Marathon was allegedly planned and carried out by Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Some counterterror analysts have speculated that the Tsarnaev brothers may have planned a bigger operation than the marathon in the future. Were they inspired by al Qaeda-like, anti-American ideology that paints…

God’s Square Mile: Religious Freedom and Gay Rights

Ocean Grove is a microcosm of what has been taking place across the country. Same-sex couples are challenging religious organizations’ beliefs citing that a religious belief such as gay marriage being a sin cannot be used to violate a citizen’s right to equal treatment. Religious organizations are losing. Read More. 

Effectiveness vs. Obedience: How or Why Christians Should ‘Boycott’

Conservative Catholics and Protestants have recently advocated boycotting Disney, Google, J.C. Penny, Lowes, and Starbucks, among other companies because of the actions these entities have taken on socio-political issues. As a result, debate has arisen over whether or not boycotts are “effective” and whether or not Christians should engage in them to influence political and socio-economic change. Read More.